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Kallio Earns Employee of the Month

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Kallio Earns Employee of the Month

April 6, 2022

Sandra Kallio has earned distinction as the March Employee of the Month at Country Living at Westview Commons. Prior to this award, Westview Health Care Center honored Sandra as the 2009 Employee of the Year. Sandra has worked at Westview Health Care Center as a Certified Nursing Assistant since 1983, and in the past year, she began applying her special caregiving ways towards the Assisted Living Services Agency that operates within Westview Commons. Guided by the encouragement of her mother who worked in home care, she applied to become a CNA at the age of 17—quickly realizing that she gravitated to that vocation naturally.

Sandra describes all of the residents at Westview Commons as friendly, wonderful, and sweet...

As a CNA at Westview Commons, she begins her day by helping the client population with their morning routines. This can include assisting with elements like hygiene, getting dressed, basic housekeeping—as Sandra puts it: she’s there for anything they need. Later in the day, she fulfills a role in the Great Room at Westview Commons; aiding in the mealtime lunch service. But to her, it’s more than that. Sandra truly enjoys these dining room responsibilities as much as her primary role as a CNA. Being able to assist in lunch service affords her even more opportunities to get to know the residence’s community. Sandra describes all of the residents at Westview Commons as friendly, wonderful, and sweet.

Sandra’s bond with her children, Brian and Brittany, has always been strong and she maintains familial strength as a pillar supporting her life. Family and friends form a foundation for her soul. Sandy spends as much time as possible with her daughter and granddaughter; celebrating the three generations among them. More tri-generational connections are cherished between Sandra and her sister Cindy, her niece Megan, and Megan’s son Chase. The bond shared with her best friend Gina is another important touchpoint. She loves to be around Gina’s two sons, Devin and Trevor: to Sandra they are nephews. She is an avid fan of their sports careers, particularly wrestling, and she loves the way they make her laugh. At every turn in life, Sandra and her loved ones are there for each other.

Originally Sandra is from West Warwick, Rhode Island; now living in Putnam, Connecticut. She is anticipating and appreciating the return of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides walk returning to Putnam on September 17th this year. Staying conscious of health and civic activity is very important to her. Going to the gym and walking with her dog are her preferred methods of exercise. Sandra insisted that any story about her include her beloved dog, Killian Kallio. The comfort that he provides to Sandra, a fellow comforter, is a soothing presence to her soul. For getaways, Sandra and her friend Gina like to take vacations to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire every summer.

Family and friends form a foundation for her soul...

According to Sandra, working at Westview Commons excites her each day as she looks forward to creating a new set of joyous moments with the residents there. “I love it here—it’s amazing! Having been a part of Westview Health Care Center for so long, it’s overwhelming to be given this opportunity at Westview Commons,” Sandra commented. “I am honored to be chosen as Employee of the Month. Working at Westview Commons is a wonderful experience for me, the residents and the staff are all so kind. My job here is a dream come true.”

Having known Sandra for almost her whole career, Westview Health Care Administrator and Country Living at Westview Commons Executive Vice President David T. Panteleakos knows the value that Sandra brings to both organizations. “Sandy is a very special person and wonderful addition to our assisted living services team. After working with her for several decades at Westview, I knew she would be a great addition to the staff of our brand-new Westview Commons. This award is an indication that the residents and her colleagues certainly agree. Congratulations to Sandy!”

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