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Bergmann Earns Employee of the Month

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Bergmann Earns Employee of the Month

July 15, 2022

Elizabeth Bergmann was honored with the June Employee of the Month award at Country Living at Westview Commons. She works with great devotion as a “Dietary Aide” on the dining staff; serving the residents their meals, accommodating their beverage requests, and providing her warm presence at every table she visits. A graduate of Ellis Technical High School, she also possesses OSHA certification from her schooling. Elizabeth began her time within the Westview organization in August 2021 by working in Westview Health Care Center’s Dietary Department. By exhibiting her humble, hardworking personality, and new opportunities being created at the 75-unit independent and assisted living facility across the street, she was offered the chance to transition her skills to Westview Commons.

Elizabeth’s presence at Westview Commons has a heartwarming impact on the residents there....

Elizabeth’s presence at Westview Commons has a heartwarming impact on the residents there. She relishes all of the kind interactions she has with them, and describes how she loves doing all that she can to make them happy. While she is responsible for making the morning coffee, ensuring that the dining room floor is pristine, and resetting all of the tables, there is a bigger purpose in all that Elizabeth does at Westview Commons. In all her work, she is committed to maintaining the dining room as the consistently elegant space that residents know and love. Elizabeth likes getting to know the residents—and the residents getting to know Elizabeth, in turn—begets even more conversations when they cross paths. Many Westview Commons residents will be sure to ask Elizabeth how her day is going, or about a specific detail that she mentioned to them the day before. As she enters the building, the resident population always provides her with a welcome feeling.

Elizabeth is the daughter of Christopher Bergmann and Kimberly LaMare, and she values the time she spends with her grandparents Richard and Doris Ross. In her spare time Elizabeth enjoys creative crafts, including painting and scrapbooking. She holds a particular interest in pressing dried flowers and framing them behind glass. To stay active, Elizabeth likes to hike along the many trails near her house. Living near Chase Reservoir, kayaking is another common pastime she enjoys with her family.

For her present professional interests, Elizabeth likes being in the hospitality industry, but she could certainly see herself going into the nursing field. Having worked at Westview previously, and now in the setting of Westview Commons, she has been provided with great insight about the continuum of care provided to patients and residents in care settings. Her commentary upon receiving this recognition confirms her commitment: “I was very surprised to receive this award—I appreciate it so much! I love working here and being a part of the residents’ lives. They always make my day better!”

Executive Vice President of Westview Commons David T. Panteleakos knows that the kindness of employees like Elizabeth goes a long way towards providing the lifestyle that Westview Commons residents deserve. “Elizabeth brings our residents their carefully crafted meals but so much more in addition to that. The way that employees like Elizabeth form relationships with our residents is heartfelt, and it deepens the sense of community within our population.” Mr. Panteleakos went on to offer further salutations by saying: “I am very proud of the dining experience offered by our staff at Westview Commons. Congratulations to Elizabeth!”

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