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Alvarado Earns Employee of the Month

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Alvardo Earns Employee of the Month

November 12, 2022

Tiffany Alvarado achieved the October Employee of the Month award at Country Living at Westview Commons. Performing her role for the independent and assisted living facility’s dining services provides Tiffany with opportunities to cook in their state-of-the-art kitchen, as well as serve the residents at their tables in Westview Commons’ Great Room. She has been on the Westview Commons’ team since May, and she has been gaining new abilities and responsibilities ever since her hiring.

Tiffany worked in home care for over 20 years prior to joining the dining staff at Westview Commons. Taking care of seniors—in any way—is a personal passion for her. She had great comfort bringing her talents to Westview Commons; finding it easy to connect with the resident population because of her background in providing care. Tiffany especially enjoys taking care of people in settings that are comfortable for them, and she channels this enthusiasm to make Westview Commons as inviting as possible through her presence. Before starting her current role in the facility’s dietary department, she cooked mostly as a functional need, so she greatly appreciates learning more about the craft of culinary arts through her work. In addition to her kindness and compassion, this recently-gained kitchen knowledge greatly benefits her mealtime interactions with Westview Commons residents at their tables.

Tiffany currently lives in Danielson, CT; having moved to Connecticut 7 years ago. She graduated from The High School for Enterprise, Business, and Technology in Brooklyn, NY and remains proud of her New York City roots. She often finds herself so busy during daytime hours that she really likes to relax by enjoying simple pleasures. She is a fan of multiple genres of TV programming. Reality shows and fictional procedural crime dramas are among her favorite ways to unwind. Tiffany is both literally and figuratively close with her daughter Tyasia; both working alongside each other at Country Living at Westview Commons to provide hospitality. Tiffany appreciates the comfort she has among the team at Westview Commons, and easily recommended it to her daughter. “My colleagues here have very helpful, very pleasant personalities. We benefit having people around like that to keep spirits high.” She continued to remark about her Employee of the Month achievement at Westview Commons: “I’m so honored to receive this award! I get excited whenever I have a day working at Westview Commons. I’ve had such a great experience getting to know all of my coworkers and all of our residents here—and I’m learning so many new skills in the process. I really appreciate it!”

Country Living at Westview Commons’ Executive Vice President David T. Panteleakos expressed his gratitude for Tiffany’s impact at the facility. “Tiffany is a key contributor to offering Westview Commons residents a lifestyle they deserve. Our dining services are a big part of the daily activity here, and Tiffany makes great efforts to ensure that the dietary team offers the best nutrition and kindest nurturing to our residents at mealtimes. Congratulations to Tiffany!”

Country Living at Westview Commons is a 75-unit independent and assisted living community conveniently located in picturesque Northeastern Connecticut. Affiliated with Westview Health Care Center, a nationally-ranked nursing facility according to CMS and U.S. News and World Report for the past 13 years, Westview Commons is a 115,000 square foot catered living facility dedicated to a genuine 5-star experience including outstanding service, culinary expertise and professional in-house entertainment. Located in Dayville, CT, Westview Commons combines convenience, tranquility and comfort; providing a lifestyle that seniors deserve.