A Magical Night at The Commons

Image of Robert Olson the magician

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Magic at The Commons

April 17, 2023

Robert Olson delighted an audience of Westview Commons residents by performing Richard Potter’s magic in our Picturedrome Theater. Robert portrayed this real life entertainer at Old Sturbridge Village for decades and has mastered a deft delivery of his work. After giving a historical description of this 19th century magician, Robert Olson tapped his baton three times on the table, spun around, and became Richard Potter in the flesh. The show was highly interactive as Mr. Potter sought any willing participants to be part of his act. The wonder of his tricks and the whimsy of his characterization had our residents laughing, clapping, and staring in amazement throughout the show. At the end of the performance, Robert Olson gave residents the opportunity to ask questions about his craft and the history of early magic in America. One resident asked if she could have another look at the magical box that he somehow transported her ring into. Robert coyly replied: “Well those are Mr. Potter’s items, I can’t allow people to play with his things! You’ll have to ask him next time you see him!”

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