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"Employee of the Month"

June 6, 2024

Amanda Pike is Westview’s May Employee of the Month. Amanda performs an important role at Country Living at Westview Commons as a member of the Support Services Staff; maintaining the aesthetics of the facility and performing general housekeeping. During all of her duties, Amanda is constantly smiling and sharing joy with the entire community at Westview Commons. She has worked within the Westview family since October 2021. This is Amanda’s second time to earn the Employee of the Month designation. Previously, she earned this honor in May 2022. Since then, she highlighted that she really appreciates getting to know her newer fellow colleagues and all of the new residents.

Amanda is constantly smiling and sharing joy with the entire community at Westview Commons...

Her role at Country Living at Westview Commons is a heartfelt and humbling position to Amanda. She says that the residents there have become like a second family; with her embracing them through her actions and the residents embracing her through their warmth and kindness. Amanda really appreciates how the team of colleagues at Westview Commons has grown and the fact that everyone in every department is ready to jump in and help at any moment. She really likes how she and the residents of Westview Commons can connect on a personal level and how welcoming they are when she attends their residences for housekeeping detail.

Amanda is a graduate of Killingly High School and currently lives in that town. Before taking her current position in the Support Services Department at Westview Commons, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant; having earned that certification from Quinebaug Valley Community College. Her two sons, Ryan and Donnie, are active young boys and Amanda looks forward to taking a trip with them to New York City this summer to explore the many historical museums and sites in the Big Apple. During her days off, Amanda likes to volunteer her time at her local flea market and help with the facilitation of Sterling, CT’s Family Day.

Amanda offered gracious gratitude in receiving the Employee of the Month award, and shared her appreciation for the people she works with: “To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors. Performing my duties in a place like Westview Commons is a true pleasure!” Amanda went on to emphasize her collegial connection with fellow staff members and community members at Westview Commons. “My colleagues and our residents are like my second family—it makes it easy to give 110%!”

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors..."

Executive Vice President of Westview Commons David T. Panteleakos lauded Amanda’s efforts upon hearing of her second Employee of the Month designation. “Amanda is an essential part of our team here at Westview Commons, and she has exhibited remarkably consistent curation of our facility since we opened. I am so happy to see her efforts acknowledged and I greatly appreciate her wonderful contributions to our community. Congratulations to Amanda!

Country Living at Westview Commons is a 75-unit independent and assisted living community conveniently located in picturesque Northeastern Connecticut. Affiliated with Westview Health Care Center, a nationally-ranked nursing facility according to CMS and U.S. News and World Report for the past years, Westview Commons is a 115,000 square foot catered living facility dedicated to a genuine 5-star experience including outstanding service, culinary expertise and professional in-house entertainment. Located in Dayville, CT, Westview Commons combines convenience, tranquility and comfort; providing a lifestyle that seniors deserve.