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Building For Generations

Aerial photo of construction progress at Westview Commons in Dayville, CT

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Building For Generations

October 18, 2019

Legacy. Is that something left behind? Or is that something projected forward? In Dayville, Connecticut, nestled on the corner of the Thompson Turnpike and Ware Road lies an example which sits squarely in the middle of both ideals. Country Living at Westview Commons—a luxury living opportunity in the form of a 75-unit independent and assisted living facility—is a currently culminating venture that is decades in the making. It has been strongly, but carefully, pushed forward by David T. Panteleakos, Donna Copeland, and Herbert Czermak over the past two years with town meetings, financial planning, construction strategies, census research, and marketing development. Their vision for a retirement lifestyle destination has been around for much longer; well before this recent stage of physical assembly.

David Panteleakos is currently the Administrator and CEO of Westview Health Care Center: a 103 bed, nationally recognized, 5-star rated skilled inpatient nursing and outpatient rehabilitation facility. He has literally grown up in this environment, for he represents the third consecutive generation of his family to work in healthcare administration. Eileen Panteleakos (David’s mother) dreamt of a Westview-affiliated independent living facility during her preceding tenure as the Administrator of the skilled nursing facility. She stipulated that it should offer extraordinary value for a competitive level of investment within the market of retired living communities. In 1998 Eileen Panteleakos and the President of Westview Health Care Center, Herbert Czermak, developed the initial plans for “a comfortable, caring, beautiful retirement home in picturesque Northeastern Connecticut.”

After witnessing successful versions of senior-living communities throughout New England and Florida there were long-held beliefs among Westview leadership that their version of senior residence could be a huge success for both the business organization and the regional population it would serve. Timing is a key factor in most of life’s pursuits, especially significant business ventures, and the stewards of this project have long anticipated the present rise in demand.

As the baby boom generation has made its way to (and now through) retirement age, the corresponding shift in demographics necessitates that more options become available to seniors. The growth of this population creates an increase in needs that a life at Westview Commons caters perfectly for older adults. They may desire to downsize a home, increase free time, hire supplementary domestic services, perform less landscaping labor, or retired individuals may simply want to make a few new friends and have more recreational options. The executives developing this project firmly believe that independent lifestyles are the means by and for which those wishes will be met.

Not only will Country Living at Westview Commons be operated by administration and staff that remains keenly aware of senior’s desires, but it will all be available at entry level pricing for this industry. Moreover, this luxury complex will not require large down payments or long-term contracts. For an all-inclusive price prospective residents will have their choice of one or two bedroom apartments complete with efficiency kitchens and spacious bathrooms, access to on-site parking including a 55-car underground garage, a comprehensive maintenance and repair policy, a loaded calendar of recreational activity and cultural events, and round-the-clock safety and security. Emergency needs can be managed and called in by the Westview Commons staff at any time, day or night, and each unit is fully equipped with networked smoke detectors and an overhead sprinkler system.

Under construction at this very moment, the physical building already commands an impressive presence on the 32-acre Westview campus. The total interior area will amount to 115,000 square feet with residential units offering up to 1,085 square feet of space. Individual dwellings are designed with ample distance between doors; residences extending down a pair of two-story wings. Below raised ceilings the “A” wing and the “B” wing hallways elongate and intersect at the huge central core of the building. The structure almost looks like a bird in flight if it were viewed from above. Two wings spread outward from a medial body where the heart and soul of the community exists. Considerably more than a welcome lobby, this will be the cultural center of the Westview Commons community. Its area is commanded by a 4,200 square-foot “Great Room” that functions as an elegant dining room with space to accommodate up to 150 people. Looking northeast fills the eyes with exterior views that soar through the two-story window wall. Glance to the right and there’s a lively scene hailing from Harrington’s Irish Pub. Across from there, delightful tea and conversation brew at the Mediterraneo Café—a side dish of laughter included. Walk up the grand staircase and a movie theater with plush seats opens its doors as a satisfied audience exits a screening of a popular film. Back downstairs, light emanates from the doorways of Physician’s offices, the mail room, and the beauty parlor.

Excitement billows from this interior intersection, but down each hallway quieter retreats await their respective dwellers. All 75 units have large private bath rooms, half of the units feature a second bedroom, and a third of the units have French doors leading to walkout patios. Entering one of these spaces reveals the open concept design that invites a great deal of customization for resident furnishing. Coffered ceilings increase the height above the spacious living rooms which gently ease into the kitchen, where a full refrigerator, glass range stove top, granite counters, and maple cabinets adorn the space and address culinary needs. Throughout the area, dimmable lighting in the form of recessed elements and hanging pendant lanterns give the exact level of illumination desired.

The specific location of Country Living at Westview Commons within a wooded section of a quiet Northeastern Connecticut neighborhood makes it easy to understand why the name of this residence begins with that particular adverb. Lush trees are the only skyscrapers surrounding the property, and this arboreal filter sends patterns of dappled sunlight across the landscape all day long. This verdant canopy densely sifts the summer sun, gradually allowing more light to pass through as the leaves transition to the amber tones of autumn and find their way to the ground—but prospective residents needn’t have any concern for rakes, bags, and tarps. The only thing more enjoyable than fall in New England is the version of fall in New England where leaf cleanup is completely maintained by a staff of landscapers; freeing up more time for quality life moments. Winter months won’t demand any more exertion from the residents of Westview Commons either. Westview maintenance staff has managed heavy snowfalls for decades, and every effort will be made to ensure safe passages all around the new compound. Furthermore, 55 indoor parking spaces below the building will help a segment of this residential population eschew the elements completely between off-site adventures.

Dayville, Connecticut is in an ideal location for those interested in living in the center of a spray chart of appealing destinations. Specifically: 117 Ware Road, Dayville, CT is three-and-a-half hours from New York City, one-and-a-half hours from Boston, and 45 minutes from Providence. This proximity to some of the most major metropolitan cities almost infinitely expands the cultural options available. Nearer excursions are also possible with down-the-road proximity to Interstate 395; bringing all of Connecticut’s Windham County and New London County well within reach. Even shorter circuits might involve a trip to enjoy the latest musical comedy in the Bradley Theater, a brief drive down the famously picturesque Connecticut Route 169, or an outing for a glass of the season’s best chardonnay at Taylor Brooke Winery. The neighboring towns of Putnam, Woodstock, Pomfret, Brooklyn, and Killingly are all within a 15-20 minute ride through the countryside. Country Living residents will easily be able to choose between a quiet night in the country or a spirited night on the town—but with the events and venues available directly at Westview Commons, the most entertaining evening may be just a short walk down the hall!

Westview Health Care Center’s ownership, leadership, staff, and physical building are poised to stand as heralds for Country Living at Westview Commons. Meticulous detail went into planning this home of luxe living. Making a magnificent senior living option affordably attainable is also a credit to Westview’s 45 years of family ownership and operation. Financial latitude is afforded by decades of inherited knowledge that requires no extra expense to dispense. The 5-star facility’s efficiency in operation and expertise in management are traits that are now passed on to this newest member of the Westview family. The clear objective of everyone involved in Westview Commons is to model this residence after a 5-Star hotel, and thus maintain consistency with the 5-Star facility that is Westview Health Care Center. Plans are available for every level of need within retired society. The one-bedroom and two-bedroom model units are available for viewing, and scheduling an informative tour with Executive Director Donna Copeland is a great way to learn about specific details that help with this very important decision. Whether expectations are deluxe or simple; whether independent living is preferable or assisted living is needed; whether interested individuals wish to expand their social circle or they just want to be able to invite their current friends to a glamorous new home where the only thing they have to worry about is getting a good seat at the piano concert down the hall—Country Living at Westview Commons is pleased to accommodate.

More information about the new development can be found at www.westviewcommons.com or by calling Donna Copeland, Executive Director at (860) 428-2230.