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Lizee Earns Employee of the Month

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Lizee Earns Employee of the Month

September 24, 2021

Faith Lizee was awarded the honor of August 2021 Employee of the Month for Country Living at Westview Commons. Faith is a member of the well-celebrated kitchen team at Westview Commons; performing as a line cook and working to achieve both grand scale and grand presentation in the daily meals offered to the residents of the Dayville independent and assisted living facility. Since joining the Westview Commons staff in March 2021, she continues to add to the good atmosphere surrounding every meal at Westview Commons.

Faith is a member of the well-celebrated kitchen team...

Faith is a graduate of H.H. Ellis Technical High School and currently lives in Dayville, not too far from Westview Commons. She remarked that she loves seeing the Westview Commons residents at local shopping centers and events and appreciates how their connections blossom with these interactions. She and her wife Ali have lots of fun with their dog “Lady,” a Shih-Poo (half Shih-Tzu, half Poodle, fully lovable) during their days together. Faith enjoys spending time along New England’s shoreline, particularly on Niantic Beach in Connecticut and Misquamicut Beach in Rhode Island. When she is looking for a low-key local afternoon, Faith is perfectly happy relaxing in her backyard hammock.

Faith watched more cooking television than any other type of programming in her early life and this helped her to develop the passion to become a chef. Many of these televised food challenges provide her with inspiration to meet the needs of the moment in all of her pursuits. At Westview Commons, Faith embraces every challenge in the kitchen with enthusiasm. She realizes that learning new skills is even more valuable when she understands the proper technique within her first few attempts. If Faith is going to try something new, she likes to push herself to do it right the first time.

Faith embraces every challenge in the kitchen with enthusiasm.

As someone who wears a smile as a daily accessory, Faith works to make sure that everyone she interacts with shares her cheerfulness. Faith’s dedication to her clients, her colleagues, and her craft is apparent in her response upon receiving this award. “In the Westview Commons kitchen, everybody has their own specific role but also keeps their eyes on the total effort to serve our residents exceptionally good meals. We are all necessary parts of a single machine working together. Between cooking the food, preparing the plates, serving the entrees to the tables, washing the dishes—no role is any more important than the other.” Faith continued to say: “I am honored to receive this award, and I love being a part of the Westview Commons team! It always makes me happy to see other people happy, so I come in every day to do my best and hope I can make a few residents smile in the process!”

Donna Copeland, Executive Director of Westview Commons, loves seeing the way that Faith and the dietary department enhance the residents’ experiences through the daily meals served in Westview Commons’ Great Room. “The delicious meals and the friendly service are always warm for our residents at mealtime.” Donna continued: “I know Faith works hard each day to make that possible for all those who dine at Westview Commons. I see this through her dedicated culinary work in the kitchen, her thoughtful conversations with the people enjoying their meals, and the determined approach she and the whole dietary department at Westview Commons take to continually work towards perfecting their cuisine.”

Country Living at Westview Commons is a 75-unit independent and assisted living community conveniently located in picturesque Northeastern Connecticut. Affiliated with Westview Health Care Center, a nationally-ranked nursing facility according to CMS and U.S. News and World Report for the past 13 years, Westview Commons is a 115,000 square foot catered living facility dedicated to a genuine 5-star experience including outstanding service, culinary expertise and professional in-house entertainment. Located in Dayville, CT, Westview Commons combines convenience, tranquility and comfort; providing a lifestyle that seniors deserve.