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Downsizing: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

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Downsizing: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

January 8, 2020

When the time comes to move, downsizing can be emotionally and physically challenging. Physically sorting through hundreds of household items and a lifetime of memories can seem like a daunting task – but downsizing actually helps create a simple and safe environment for seniors. This checklist has some tips, tricks and techniques to minimize stress and maximize efficiency.

    You have plenty of time before move-in day! Start planning now and you can develop a slow, deliberate process. You will want to limit each session to no more than three hours.

    We’ve already said it: downsizing is stressful! Take advantage of the support of your family, friends, or an expert who can provide advice and do the heavy lifting!

  •     DOCUMENT
    Take notes and pictures to allow you to create a similar set-up in your new home. Be as detailed as you can—this will also help you keep track of important documents and treasured belongings. Try to label items for their destination (i.e. “Kitchen,” “To Sell,” “Throw Out,” “Donate” etc.)

  •     DONATE
    It is so rewarding when items can have a useful purpose again. Local nonprofits like Goodwill will ensure your items will be put to good use with someone in need.

    Once you make a decision, stick to it. Going back and forth will drain too much of your time and energy. If a family member or friend wants an item, set a deadline for them to pick it up. If the decision has been made, then on to the next!

Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you begin the steps towards downsizing and avoid some of the stress and apprehension oftentimes associated with the process. Stay positive and and before you know it, that visualization of your clutter-free and beautiful future home will be a reality.