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March 2021 Employee of the Month

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Bouchard Awarded Employee of the Month

March 25, 2021

Woodstock, CT resident Andre Bouchard was recently awarded the distinction of Employee of the Month at Country Living at Westview Commons for March 2021. Bouchard has been employed as a cook at the independent and assisted living facility since September 2020 and has quickly proven his skill in the kitchen with his vast understanding and passion for creating delicious and exciting culinary cuisine.

Driven by a hunger to further expand his knowledge ...

A 2018 graduate of the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont, Bouchard took full advantage of his educational offerings to fully explore regional, as well as national, cuisine styles. Driven by a hunger to further expand his knowledge and techniques, Bouchard completed internships in New Haven and Madison, Connecticut as well as in Clark, Colorado within a variety of culinary disciplines including classical French cuisine, bistro-style cuisine and Haute Mountain cuisine.

An avid outdoorsman, Bouchard enjoys hunting, hiking and fishing (fresh, salt and fly) in his spare time. He takes the concept of “locally sourced” very literally as he not only prepares and cooks his hunting and fishing bounties, but also enjoys foraging for wild produce including ramps- a species of wild onion.

“Westview Commons has allowed me to continue to explore dishes that excite me,” stated Bouchard. “I’m grateful for this recognition and I wish to extend my gratitude to my coworkers, as well as to all of the residents here at Westview Commons.”

We're extremely grateful to have him here at Westview Commons.

“Andre continues to amaze us with his continuous variety of kitchen creations,” remarked Donna Copeland, Executive Director. “The level of passion that he has in regard to the culinary arts truly transcends his profession as it embodies his entire livelihood. We’re extremely grateful to have him here at Westview Commons.”

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