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Alive with the Sound of Music!

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Alive with the Sound of Music!

April 15, 2021

Elisabeth von Trapp, granddaughter of Maria and Baron von Trapp, is scheduled to bring her talents to Country Living at Westview Commons on Friday, May 7th for a private concert among the residents of the new independent and assisted living facility. Her arrival at this pivotal point in our lives is certain to inspire all who hear her stories and songs. Many will recognize her family name from the Broadway musical and Academy Award-winning film “The Sound of Music,” a melodic account based upon the journey by her grandparents and their children away from war-torn Europe. As we all begin to emerge from the extraordinary challenge brought by a global pandemic, she has many encouraging melodies to impart. For over a year, the themes of distance and being away from our loved ones have dominated our airwaves. Elisabeth’s performances provide a much sweeter offering for the atmosphere; reminding her audiences about the power of music to bring us closer.

The power of music to bring us closer...

The space for this private concert is the Great Room at the center of Country Living at Westview Commons. In addition to Elisabeth’s live performance in front of Westview Commons residents, the concert will be simulcast to the nursing home residents at Westview Health Care Center. This neighboring skilled nursing facility has a closed-circuit hospitality channel to relay the show to patient rooms on Westview Channel 2. Elisabeth and her musical themes will resonate across Westview and Westview Commons’ inter-generational audience. She is world-renowned for her voice being as clear as her messaging; singing about things lost, things found, and all of the journeys in-between.

Born and raised in Vermont, Elisabeth’s signature sound is a result of her own life as well as that of her family. She learned about classical and symphonic compositions from her parents and music teachers while also discovering contemporary American singers and songwriters through her own explorations. Her father Werner von Trapp (second-oldest son of the Trapp Family Singers) maintained a lifelong love of playing guitar and singing, and Elisabeth continues his legacy in these arts. The range of songs that she is able to perform adds to her impact. Listeners at Westview Commons and Westview Health Care Center may hear familiar tunes in addition to songs they have never heard before—but all of the pieces performed are uniquely vocalized by Elisabeth.

A lifelong love of playing guitar and singing ...

Due to pandemic precautions, the typically frequent concerts at Westview Health Care Center have not occurred for over a year. Elisabeth von Trapp heralds a harmonious return to normality for the patients and residents. “After the year we have all endured, there is such a longing for a return to normalcy for all of us and this event is a perfect transition back to live performance,” stated David T. Panteleakos, Executive Vice President. “Elisabeth’s own experience and stories that she inherited through her family provide a perfect symbolic connection for overcoming a dark and challenging time. We are all so very excited to hear Elisabeth perform and look forward to many more concerts and productions in the near future.”

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