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April 2021 Employee of the Month

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Blais Receives Employee of the Month

April 19, 2021

Mary Blais of Danielson, CT graciously received the accolade of Employee of the Month at Country Living at Westview Commons for the month of April 2021. Hired as an Administrative Assistant in August 2020, Blais’ bright and cheerful presence has quickly become a staple for the residents and guests of the facility. With poise, grace and determined professionalism, she is at her best while balancing the many duties and responsibilities of her position - a testament to her dexterity and multitasking capabilities.

A staple for the residents and guests of the facility ...

Mother of three and soon-to-be grandmother of two, Blais has happily been planning and preparing for the upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Billy, in July 2021. She is also the proud parent to their two Yorkies: Pudding and Bella. Outside of work Mary enjoys spending time planting and tending to her flower beds as well as relishing in the precious time spent with her family and friends by a fire while cooking and enjoying a cold beverage.

“I am so happy to receive Employee of the Month,” exclaimed Blais. “Knowing that I am appreciated by the residents and staff means the world to me. I really do love my job and stand by the motto: ‘Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.’”

Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

“Mary effortlessly makes those around her feel like family,” stated Donna Copeland, Executive Director. “Her genuine concern and warm approach to the matters and requests made by the staff or residents is highly commendable. We couldn’t ask for a better mix of personality, hospitality and reliability than Mary has to offer.”

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